Ellen Got Robert Pattinson Talking About Underwear

24-year old Twilight star Robert Pattinson is everywhere the last couple of days to promote his latest project “Water for Elephants”. Yes, the young actor has gone a long way since the Twilight series and this recent romantic drama is another proof of his versatility as an actor. But no one can explore his bizarre territories like Ellen deGeneres does.

In Pattinson’s appearance in Ellen, they talked about practically everything – from Robert’s choice of underwear to the best days of his life.

The actor said that one of the happiest moments of his life came last fall wherein he belted karaoke songs like “I Belive I Can Fly” in a bar in Lubbock, Texas. Naturally, a mob gathered outside the bar to take a glimpse of the young actor but the police immediately locked down the place giving Pattinson and a good friend a chance to sing their hearts out for 4 long hours.

Another memorable time in his life happened while shooting for “Breaking Dawn.” Robert, who confessed he does not have a clue how to use a washing machine, ran out of underwear except for one – Ellen underwear. For some reason, his ass was constantly hanging out while they were doing this huge fight scene, the actor said. Every shot showed his “Ellen” underpants that the producers had to call his agent’s attention.

Pattinson can now laugh about what he called an awkward day on the set. To celebrate what he said is one of the happiest days of his life; Ellen deGeneres gave him a basket full of Ellen underwear so he will never run out again.

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