Schwarzenneger’s Acting Career on Hold

Former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenneger decided to put his acting career and his movie comeback on hold as he settles marital and domestic fallout following his affair with one of his previous housekeepers. Schwarzenneger is now preparing for a possible extremely costly divorce.

Based from a statement released from Schwarzenneger’s office, the “Terminator” action superstar requested his talent agency to put on hold all his movie projects that are already under negotiation until further notice.

The statement said that Schwarzenneger would rather focus on personal matters and is not yet willing to commit to any acting jobs or production schedules. That means discussions for “Cry Macho” and a sequel of “Terminator” will only resume when Schwarzenneger decides he is ready.

Just recently, the rumor that Schwarzenneger fathered a child with his former housekeeper was confirmed. This set the stage for a possibly long and very expensive divorce that will stand out even in Los Angeles where matrimonial split-ups are scandalous on the regular.

Maria Shriver, Schwarzenneger’s wife, is expected to cash in a lot of money from this divorce according to a some divorce attorneys. They said that even though California follows a no-fault divorce, meaning the court cannot technically use Schwarzenneger’s acknowledgement of extra-marital affairs against him, in reality it will be.

Judges who know the story will sympathize on Shriver and will most likely hold Schwarzenneger’s actions against him, said Attorney Robert Nachshin. Nachshin is a famous divorce lawyer that has handled cases of the ex-wives of prominent people in the entertainment industry like Rod Stewart, Eddie Vedder, and Will Smith.

Nachshin added that based on his experience, Shriver may get a minimum of $100,000 monthly spousal support and an additional $40,000 in child support of their three minor children.

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