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Bobby Davro Angered Parents After Stimulating Sex in a Children’s Show

Bobby Davro, a known comedian, angered parents after he stimulated sex acts while in a giant kangaroo costume during a children’s show. Parents were in shock and were clearly upset after Davro made vulgar movements in front of kids as young as five.

Davro, 52, is also alleged of making jokes that can be interpreted as racist during his performance as the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz held in the Preston’s Charter Theatre. It is said that the actor repeatedly referred to Chinese people as individuals who eat dogs.

The production company and the bosses of the theater are now forced to make a public apology after all the complaints from the angry parents.

A 67-year old grandmother, Annabelle Fleming, said that she was furious and thought that Davro treated them as a pub audience. She brought her five-year old granddaughter to the show. Another parent in the audience also said that the actor even pulled up his leg and insisted that a lady from the audience kiss his leg.

Moreover, Mrs. Fleming, one of the mothers in the audience, said that she is not supposed to pay £52 just to see an actor make out with a kangaroo; especially not on a show intended for children.

In one of their statements, the Guild Hall and Chartered Theater apologized to everyone who was offended by their show. They also said that all the complaints will be dealt with in due course.

Davro’s spokesman said that the New World Productions’ goal is to produce family entertainment that will appeal to all ages. They are, however, sorry that their drive for excellence offended some people.

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Jenn Sterger Still Mocked After the Brett Favre Incident

Jenn Sterger is expecting a huge audience this week on ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline. That could be a huge opportunity especially for someone who wants to push up her career in TV hosting and as an actress. However, Sterger is firm on saying that she just wants her life back and be given the opportunity to go back to work.

Sterger was recently connected to the alleged unacceptable behavior of Brett Favre, a former quarterback. In an interview with George Stephanopoulos she repeatedly said that she simply wants to go back to how things were. She wants to entertain people again. Sterger is, however, torn as the nature of her work allows her to say crazy things and she almost always get away with it.

There were rumors that went out a couple weeks ago that Sterger received a lot of offensive phone messages and photos from the former quarterback Favre. NFL investigators were not able to squeeze out details from Favre so they just asked them to pay a fine of $50,000 for not cooperating in the investigation.

Sterger said that she tried to go back to work and do her job but did not have a clue how to do the news when she is in it. She further said that she was embarrassed and even humiliated. She also denies the rumors saying that she is just a gold-digger who wants to make money off of the issue. She emphasized that she did not get a single centavo from Favre or from any of the photos.

The second part of Sterger’s interview will air on Wednesday on Good Morning America.

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