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Female Police Chief in Mexico Seeks Asylum in United States

A college student who recently became the youngest female police chief in Mexico received death threats and is currently in United States to seek for asylum, an advocate for human rights reported on Friday.

Gustavo de la Rosa Hickerson, an official of the Human Rights Commission in the state of Chihuahua, said that Marisol Valles Garcia had received phone call threats last weekend.

According to a family member, the death threats came from a criminal group that forced her to work for them.

Valles, a 20-year-old single mother, took over the police chief position in the small town of Praxedis in October when two other candidates turned down the offer after the death of the town’s mayor and his son.

The rights activist said Valles was accompanied by a local official when she went to the international bridge between El Porvenir and Fort Hancock in Texas.

However, other media sources said the female chief of police went to United States with two relatives to seek asylum. But, officials in Praxedis G. Guerrero denied the speculations.

Meanwhile, Jose Flores, spokesperson of the city council, said Valles Garcia asked for a leave of absence, but she planned to come back to work on Monday.

Both de la Rosa Hickerson and Flores said they have attempted to contact Valles Garcia since Thursday, but she was not picking up her phone.

Pradexis G. Guerrero is a town with about 8,500 people. It is located southeast of Ciudad Juarez. Drug violence has turned it from a quiet farming community to a violent land.

Valles Garcia’s departure camejust a few months after Erika Gandara, the 28-year-old sole police officer of Pradexis’ nearby town Guadalupe, was kidnapped in December. Her whereabouts is still unknown.

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Gun Attack in Mexican Border City; Six People Murdered

Armed men invaded a family gathering on the border city of Mexico and slaughtered 6 innocent people with multiple gun shots, a police stated on Saturday.

On Friday night, men with powered fire arms stormed through the back door of a residential neighbourhood just as close to the center of Ciudad Juarez, shocking the party people with multiple gun shots.

Adrian Sanchez, a municipal police of Ciudad Juarez stated that 2 men was killed on the spot while 4 others, a woman and three men died in the hospital.

Ciudad Juarez, located near El Paso, Texas was considered as a combat zone for drug pushers competing for shipping destinations to the U.S stores. Since the beginning of 2008, over 6,800 individuals have been slain in the said city.

Just this January, suspected members of a drug gang spurted bullets in a crowd of young people during a celebration of birthday in one house in Ciudad Juarez, which took the lives of 14 people.

Despite the fact that the government sent over 7,500 soldiers and police, violence in the city still progresses. President Felipe Calderon began a movement towards drug cartels when he sat in the position last 2006.

With tight security, the president paid a visit in the said city few days ago to open hospitals and parks as a piece of their plan to enhance social expenditures and reconstruct the wrecked city.

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