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Gun Attack in Mexican Border City; Six People Murdered

Armed men invaded a family gathering on the border city of Mexico and slaughtered 6 innocent people with multiple gun shots, a police stated on Saturday.

On Friday night, men with powered fire arms stormed through the back door of a residential neighbourhood just as close to the center of Ciudad Juarez, shocking the party people with multiple gun shots.

Adrian Sanchez, a municipal police of Ciudad Juarez stated that 2 men was killed on the spot while 4 others, a woman and three men died in the hospital.

Ciudad Juarez, located near El Paso, Texas was considered as a combat zone for drug pushers competing for shipping destinations to the U.S stores. Since the beginning of 2008, over 6,800 individuals have been slain in the said city.

Just this January, suspected members of a drug gang spurted bullets in a crowd of young people during a celebration of birthday in one house in Ciudad Juarez, which took the lives of 14 people.

Despite the fact that the government sent over 7,500 soldiers and police, violence in the city still progresses. President Felipe Calderon began a movement towards drug cartels when he sat in the position last 2006.

With tight security, the president paid a visit in the said city few days ago to open hospitals and parks as a piece of their plan to enhance social expenditures and reconstruct the wrecked city.

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