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Pakistan Army Warned U.S. Not to Stage More Surprise Raids

On Thursday, Pakistan finally spoke about the raid the U.S. launched that supposedly killed international terrorist Osama bin Laden. The Pakistani government admitted that they fell short of their security measures. However, they threatened to stop cooperating with the U.S. government of they violate the Pakistani sovereignty again.

The extremely strong statement of the Pakistani army was a sign of how much the U.S. angered them. It is also confirmed the unspoken fact that the people of Pakistan condone what they see as a national humiliation given by the already unpopular America.

While most people are concerned about the efforts of Pakistan to capture bin Laden, Pakistanis are more upset by the fact that uninvited American soldiers flew to their country and launched an attack on a land they own without their permission.

The already strained ties between the two countries due to the American allegation that Pakistan is harbouring Afghan Taliban factions are now even more at risk of breaking. The government, the army, and the entire Pakistani country are considering breaking their ties with America completely.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton mentioned that Washington wishes to continue being allies with Pakistan, the events on Monday has made U.S.’s future with Pakistan a little vague. Their relationship with Pakistan is very crucial in order for them to stabilize Afghanistan.

The army’s statement is in sharp contradiction to the government’s initial response regarding the operation on Monday. Pakistan’s Prime Minister Yousuf Rasa Gilani hailed the entire operation and said that it is a great victory for the entire world; he, however, did not mention anything about sovereignty.

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UPS Forecasts High Profits in 2011

United Parcel Service reported a quarterly profit that beat the estimates of analysts, increasing their shares by more than 4 percent. The largest package delivery company in the world predicts record-high profits in 2011.

Analysts said that there were several factors that are driving the company’s performance. These include price increases last year and early this year, the increasing volume as the economy recovers, and the use of technology that has improved productivity.

UPS manages goods equal to 6 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in United States and 2 percent of the GDP in the entire world in its planes and trucks. Its shipment trends provide a concrete picture of consumer demand, the company said.

According to Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn in an interview, UPS is walking out of recession stronger and nimbler than ever. Their company is a little more optimistic on the U.S. economy, but global growth will be more patterned.

UPS calls for moderate global growth in 2011. It said they controlled costs as compensations and benefit expenses increased less than volume.

Sterne Agee foresees UPS shares increasing to $100 on the following 12 months. It cited the company’s capability to recapture costs by elevating prices and internal controls.

The shares of the company were up 4.3 percent or $3.08 at $74.74 in the afternoon trading. Its shares last attained $75 in December 2007, a UPS spokesman informed.

BB&T analyst Kevin Sterling said UPS already thinks they can exceed peak earnings in less than two years from the start of the recession.

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