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Lindsay Lohan Free From Her Rehab Brawl

The 24-year old actress, Lindsay Lohan, will not be charged for the fight she allegedly started with one of the rehab staffers in December 2010.  The prosecutors announced, Tuesday that they will not be pressing legal charges against this issue.

John Hall, spokesperson of the Riverside County District Attorney, said that the prosecutors decided that they do not have enough solid evidence to follow a battery case against Lohan.

On December 12, 2010, police received a call from Betty Ford Center in Palm Desert after one of the staff members accused the actress of hurting her. The staff member, Dawn Holland, appeared in TMZ to speak about the incident on-air. She was then later fired from work due to violation of the patient’s confidentiality rules.

At that time, Lindsay Lohan was almost done with her three month’s worth of court-ordered rehabilitative treatment after driving under the influence of alcohol while on probation 2007.

The prosecutors tried to get further proof from police agencies on the scene, but decided there was simply not enough evidence to push the case.

Lohan, however, has bigger problems due to her Los Angeles case. She is still in trial due to accusations that she stole a  necklace worth $2,500. The actress already pleaded not guilty and her lawyers insisted that Lohan is innocent. Lindsay already rejected a plea deal last week. The jewelry was reported missing only three weeks after she was released from rehab at Betty Ford Center.

Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of LA courthouses since May 2010. Since then she has been sent to jail and rehab twice.

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Lindsay Lohan Given Fourteen Days to Make a Decision on Her Plea Deal

Lindsey Lohan CourtOn March 23, Lindsay Lohan is expected to decide between accepting a plea that will send her straight to jail or go to trial regarding a supposed necklace theft. The judge broke the news last Thursday.

Shawn Holley, defense lawyer of Lohan, should inform the court of Lohan’s decision two days before the hearing on March 25th before Judge Keith Schwartz, the Superior Court Judge of Los Angeles County where the trial is being held. Should Lohan plead not guilty, the preliminary hearing will push through on Aprill 22nd.

Judge Keith Schwartz said on the February 23rd hearing that if Lohan pleads in front of him, she is definitely going to jail. Minus the grand theft case, the actress is also in violation of her DUA (Driving Under the Influence) probation.

The 24 year-old Lindsay Lohan is accused to have stolen a necklace priced at $2,500. In California, a person charged with grand theft is to serve prison for at least 16 months but not more than 3 years. A theft is considered to be under the grand theft category if the total price of stolen goods exceeds $950.

The store owner of Kamofie and Company where the alleged necklace was stolen said Wednesday that they are planning to sell the necklace in an auction and give the proceeds to a charity. Sofia Kaman added that she would prefer if the money will go to a charity devote in fighting similar cases.

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