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Limon Verde Puzzle Pendant, a Pendant for a Cause

Limon Verde Supports AutismThe husband and wife team behind Limon Verde, an online jewelry boutique based in Atlanta created a piece that will not just benefit the wearer but also benefit those people with Autism. It’s a developmental disability which affects 1 out of 100 people globally.

It’s rare to have jewelries made for a cause. They are usually shirts and other merchandise, but Limon Verde has decided to invest in a Pendant that will help support people with autism.

Kelen Trujillo, the designer at Limon Verde, created a beautiful puzzle piece pendant solely for the benefit of the Madison House Foundation, an organization that aims to build a bright future for those adult men and women with autism. 100% of the sales will go directly to the Madison house.

The silver puzzle pendant is beautifully handcrafted by artisans in Columbia. They make use of the Filigrana Momposina technique which is used on all Limon Verde jewelries. At $66, you will have a stunning modern pendant, and you will have also shared your blessings to people with autism.

The Limon Verde Puzzle Pendant is in conjunction with the National Autism Awareness month. This project is brought about by the joining initiative of Limon Verde and Madison House Foundation.

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U.S. Cancer Rates Falling

A new report indicated that cancer rates in the US are continually dropping by at almost one percent per year. Moreover, the same study found out that cancer-related deaths are also going down by 1.6 per cent annually. This trend was observed between 2003 and 2007.

The researchers also noted that this is the first time they observed a decrease in the death rate of women with lung cancer. Lynn Ries, co-author of the report, said that the decline we are seeing right now is caused by women quitting smoking.

The report was conducted by several researchers from different groups; one of which is the American Cancer Society. The report was published online on the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Thursday.

Unfortunately, even though there is a notable decrease in cancer rates among adults, the same is not true among children. In fact, there are increasing numbers of diagnosed cancer patients in children. Ries, however, pointed out that death rates among children decreased. She also said that the reason for the rise in the occurrence of cancer among children is still unclear.

If there are changes in variables among women and children with cancer, the numbers remained the same among men. The report said that there could have been a decrease in cancer diagnosis among men, only that the statistics of prostate cancer has raised.

Ries said that this report was particularly difficult to organize because cancer is not just one disease. There are different kinds of cancer and some of them increase in number, while others decrease. She also said that men and women follow different kinds of trends in terms of cancer diagnosis.

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