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“Skins”, New MTV Series about Teenage Drama

MTV will be premiering their new series “Skins” on Monday at 10 PM EST. This is a raw television show that relies on the time-tested themes of adolescent drama.

“Skins” is based on the popular British series with the same title that is co-created by Bryan Elsley and his son, Jamie Brittain. Both have written and executive produced the MTV series.

The U.S “Skins” remake consists of a group of fresh people similar to the original series. Most of the cast are first-time actors and actresses and all are actually teenagers.

The show boasts they are excellent and even with their considerable beauty, the actors show human authenticity rather than the stereotypes. The teenagers and the whole show are based in Baltimore, Maryland.

The British series included explicit scenes of drinking, drug taking, and sex as it followed a group of young adults in Bristol. It gained more than 1 million viewers on Channel 4’s E4 during its pilot episode. MTV, has promised to preserve the authenticity and maintain the success of the show.

MTV’s “Skins” is located in a dreary Northeast city with an active high school life. It focuses more on the nine main characters that are related with one another in several ways.

The premiere introduces all of the characters to the audience through the group’s manipulative pin-up, Tony Stonem. However, various episodes of the 10-part season will concentrate on different characters.

“Skins” tell the dramatic ups and downs of adolescence. However, the show should not be mistaken for reality, global news network Associated Press said.

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MTV Revives “Punk’d” with New Host, Justin Bieber

MTV is bringing back their prank show, Punk’d, with Justin Bieber’s hosting. According to the New York magazine’s entertainment blog, the 16-year old pop star has been tapped to host the return of the show.

Ashton Krutcher hosted the show back when it was first shown in 2003 until it retired in 2007. Today, as the show will be brought to life again, he will continue to be part Punk’td as its executive producer through the Katalyst Entertainment banner.

The concept of Punk’d involves tricking lists of celebrities with hidden cameras to film everything that happens. Justin Timberlake once cried in one of its episodes when he believed the government was repossessing everything that he owns.

If Bieber agrees to be part of the show, he will be hosting the MTV prank show. As mentioned by the Vulture, Justin Bieber will probably host the first few episodes while wearing the usual trucker hat, before introducing the prank clips.

Bieber was the first artist to ever chart the Billboard’s Hot 100 with seven songs. Currently, the teenage singer is on its My World 2.0 concert tour. He is also preparing for the release of his biopic/concert film, Valentine’s Day, hoping to make its way to acting along with Will Smith.

Since Kutcher’s retirement from “Punk’d” in 2007, MTV has been looking forward to bring the show back, as reported by the Vulture, New York Magazine.

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