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Study Suggests that US Delay Pakistan Aid

According to a study released on Wednesday, the United States should delay the majority of its multibillion-dollar aid for Pakistan until economic reforms have been settled. The aid has actually led to the inaction of government officials and the resentment of the public.

A task force gathered by the Center for Global Development concluded in their study that the assistance provided by the US to Pakistan has been jaded due to the lack of solid and clear leadership and goals. The study comes as a lot of US lawmakers started to question the aid provided to Pakistan after the US forces captured and killed Osama bin Laden, leader of a terror group responsible for the 9/11 attack, near Pakistan’s military academy.

Since the 9/11 attacks, Pakistan has already received a total of $18 billion of aid from the US. The decision to help Pakistan came with the hope to fight anti-Americanism in the country.

The recent study regarding the relations between the United States and Pakistan concluded that the aid only increased the soured perceptions of the Pakistani public of the United States. With Pakistani leaders getting a steady flow of money from the US government, they have become complacent on making key reforms.

For those reasons, the study authors suggest that the $7.5 billion aid package intended for Pakistan should not yet be disbursed; especially in areas where an alarming flaw in the public administration is observed.

The authors of the study understand how sensitive the subject is. They, however, insist that without solid and long-term reforms, the grants will prove useless.

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Roche Positive on Avastin for Ovarian Cancer

Roche Holding AG gave an upbeat statement about the possibility of Avastin getting an approval to be a key drug for ovarian cancer.

Pascal Soriot, the company’s pharma head, said that they are absolutely confident that Avastin will be approved in Europe and they are also positive that it will be approved for the US market.

The sales of Avastin have fallen dramatically over the past few months since healthcare authorities that its use in breast cancer be curbed. Avastin is currently used to cure a range of tumors.

Now, Roche is banking on the use of Avastin – their multibillion dollar seller drug – to focus on the treatment of ovarian cancer. They are hoping that the shift in drug use will drive massive sales for their company in the future. The company has already filed for approval in Europe and as soon as they get an overall survival data, they will also seek approval in the US.

Moreover, Roche will also present partial data on MetMab in the treatment of lung cancer. They are also trying to develop the drug to treat other diseases like breast cancer.

Physicians and other investors are also looking in to studying vemurafenib to treat skin cancer. Soriot admitted that the commercial possibilities for the drug are still low because of the limited cases of skin cancer. However, should the drug be developed for treating other kinds of cancer the sales may also go up.

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