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YouTube Back to 1911 for April Fools Day Prank

YouTube has pulled off another yearly prank to celebrate April Fools’ Day. The site, early Friday, announced its 100th year on its blog and completed the prank with promotional videos and sepia tone platform to depict what it had looked back in 1911.

The video-sharing website updated its logo and included a classic 1911 button on each video. This will transform any video clips to an old-style motion picture with a yellowish skin and vintage piano soundtrack.

The site also featured a promotional video that reveals the top five finest or viral pictures of 1911. However, they were actually clips taken from various videos uploaded by different users in YouTube.

It was difficult not to distinguish the prank with the cameo appearances of Annoying Orange for the Irksome Citrus, Rickroll or Ruth Roll in 1911 and Keyboard Cat for Flugelhorn Feline.

YouTube made a pretty fun start to celebrate April Fools’ Day.

YouTube is owned by Google, which has been practicing April Fools’ pranks for years. Last year, the search engine company said it would allow users to upload any physical objects such as remote controls and keys to Google Docs.

Two years ago, Google Mobile promised users that search results will come out if they will put their phone on their forehead and think about their search. In 2004, Google advertised jobs about planned research center on the moon, which was also considered as their most famous prank for April Fools’ Day.

YouTube and Google are not alone. However, other pranks also started showing up in many social-networking sites and online video space.

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