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Lawsuit Filed against South Dakota’s New Abortion Law

Planned Parenthood challenged South Dakota in federal court on Friday over an abortion law that would entail women seeking abortions to a 72-hour waiting period and counseling at crisis pregnancy centers.

The lawsuit seeks to block the law up to the time a final verdict is announced as to whether it goes against the women’s legal rights to abortion founded under the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade.

Sarah Stoesz, Planned Parenthood president and chief executive in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, said that the law intrudes a doctor-patient relationship and puts women and families in jeopardy.

The organization provides reproductive health services, as well as child and maternal health care. One of the services it offers includes abortions. According to Planned Parenthood, 3 days will be the longest waiting period in the country.

Anti-abortion laws have been submitted since 2010 elections in states with conservative legislative majority. Legislators from the Republican Party are likely to approve on abortion restrictions.

The South Dakota law is expected to take effect on July 1. Proponents of the bill say the law protects women from being forced into getting abortions. Also, they say the state will likely win the legal battle.

A spokesperson for the attorney general’s office in South Dakota was not instantly available for comment. However, Joe Kafka, Daugaard spokesman, said the restriction offers women additional time to think about its option to get abortion.

In the United States, South Dakota has one of the lowest rates in abortion. South Dakota Campaign for Health Families said abortions in South Dakota only represent 0.1 percent of the abortions in the entire United States.

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Sony Website Hit with Another Hacker Attack

Sony seems to be in for a real treat from internet savvy hackers as they receive another attack in their security system.

After the lock down and overhaul of the company’s online services following a hacker attack that left personal and credit card information of at least 100 million people in jeopardy, Sony is yet again under attack. Both the Sony homepage and their Japanese internet service department have been victimized.

Based on a warning from a major security firm, F-Secure, Sony’s website in Thailand was attacked by hackers and was used to trick visitors in to giving up their personal information to a non-existing Italian credit card company. The company has been notified of the fraudulent and unauthorized activities and they are currently taking action to solve and undo the problem.

Sony, however, faces a bigger and more serious problem in Japan. The company’s So-Net internet security system was reported to have been breached. The hackers reportedly took 100,000 Yen or around $1,200 of funds from account holders. The breach is now under thorough investigation but Sony already reported that they found no evidence that account holders’ personal information have been obtained by the hackers.

Investigators do not see tell-tale signs that the hackers from this attack are linked to the breach that affected the Sony Online Entertainment and PlayStation Network. The former just got back online Friday after a month’s worth of shutdown for a major system overhaul.

Sony is definitely under scrutiny as their customers begin to question their security system and whether or not they should continue giving the company their personal and credit card information.

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Celtics Regrouping for Finals Rematch

When this NBA season started, everyone was excited for a possible finals rematch between Lakers and Celtics. However, after their last few games, this possibility is already in jeopardy. Los Angeles Lakers were beaten on many of their games; and Boston Celtics did really badly.

Sure, this has already happened before so many times. Both teams do not perform well during the season, but they still end up neck-to-neck with each other during finals. Game analysts feel that they won’t be able to work their magic this time. The Lakers may do something about it but the Celtics seems to be stuck.

Charles Barkley, TNT analyst, said that Celtics have lost a couple of bad games and they have not recovered since they traded off Kendrick Perkins. On Sunday, Boston landed on the third place when Miami beat them 100 to 77.

Barkley believes that the Celtics is wounded by the Perkins trade. He seemed to be the “identity” of the team, and with him gone, they are lost. Yes, Celtics played fairly well during the beginning of the season even when Perkins had to rest due to an injury but they were consoled by the fact that he could be back.

Regular season ends today and the team has three full days to regroup for the playoffs. Lakers may also be in trouble after losing all of their five last games but nobody’s worried about them. Lakers have champs and they have veteran experience so they should be good.

No Eastern team can baffle Celtics but unless they pull themselves together and get their old spirits back, there will be no rematch after the playoffs.

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