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Presidential Committee Formed By Ron Paul

Ron Paul, the father of the libertarian system in GOP politics, publicized on Tuesday that he will form a presidential exploratory committee. This is his way of gaining Republican nomination for presidency.

Paul, who will turn 76 on August, has served the House of Representatives for more or less 20 years. The most recent district he represented is the 14th district in Texas, including Galveston.

However, Paul is a medical doctor by profession. He has served the Air Force as a flight surgeon. He also conducted private practice as a gynecologist.

At the age of 75, Paul is no longer a stranger to presidential politics. He ran for presidency on 1988 under the Libertarian Party. He announced his desire to run for presidency and his committee when he visited Iowa.

Paul is a crowd favorite among conservatives and has won a couple of straw polls. The polls he won include the acclaimed Conservative Political Action Conference. However, he does not rank very well in national polls. In the most recent Gallup poll, only 6% of the total number of participants favored him.

Among the top contenders are former governors Sarah Palin of Alaska, Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, and Mike Huckabee of Arkansas. Shockingly, realty show host and business tycoon Donald Trump is also on top of that poll.

As a libertarian, Paul strongly denounces the kind of government that promotes welferism at home and militarism in foreign lands. He is also firm on opposing the plan to increase the debt ceiling and calls for the elimination of income tax.

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Donald Trump Claims Victory Over Obama

Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed victory after President Barack Obama released his birth certificate and explained the details of his birth. Trump said he is very proud of himself, while Obama reminded the citizens of America that they should not be distracted by the “silliness” of the issue.

Just a few minutes after Obama addressed America regarding concerns about where he was born, the main impresario of the “carnival” Donald Trump claimed his victory.

He said shortly after he landed by helicopter in New Hampshire that he has accomplished something really huge and hopes that people will see the big role he played in getting rid of the long-standing issue.

However, Trump is not abandoning his cause of insinuating gloomy issues regarding the president. Reports say that Trump told reporters that he heard rumors that the president was not a very bright student and he does not deserve his Ivy League education. Now, Trump is challenging the president to show his college transcripts.

People are already noticing Trump’s seemingly attention-grabbing issues directed to the White House and on the president in general. More intriguing is the business tycoon’s sudden interest in politics. Few weeks ago, issues about the authenticity of his birth certificate were released.

Still, Trump said that he will soon make a decision on whether or not he will join the ticket for Republican nomination in June. Political analysts frown on the idea of considering Trump as an actual candidate. They also think that Trump’s move is very “schoolyard stuff.”

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