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Donald Trump Claims Victory Over Obama

Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed victory after President Barack Obama released his birth certificate and explained the details of his birth. Trump said he is very proud of himself, while Obama reminded the citizens of America that they should not be distracted by the “silliness” of the issue.

Just a few minutes after Obama addressed America regarding concerns about where he was born, the main impresario of the “carnival” Donald Trump claimed his victory.

He said shortly after he landed by helicopter in New Hampshire that he has accomplished something really huge and hopes that people will see the big role he played in getting rid of the long-standing issue.

However, Trump is not abandoning his cause of insinuating gloomy issues regarding the president. Reports say that Trump told reporters that he heard rumors that the president was not a very bright student and he does not deserve his Ivy League education. Now, Trump is challenging the president to show his college transcripts.

People are already noticing Trump’s seemingly attention-grabbing issues directed to the White House and on the president in general. More intriguing is the business tycoon’s sudden interest in politics. Few weeks ago, issues about the authenticity of his birth certificate were released.

Still, Trump said that he will soon make a decision on whether or not he will join the ticket for Republican nomination in June. Political analysts frown on the idea of considering Trump as an actual candidate. They also think that Trump’s move is very “schoolyard stuff.”

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Celtics Won Over Knicks in Their First Game

For 47 minutes New York Knicks were on the edge of vindication, Sunday Night. However, with 11.4 seconds left on the clock, Ray Allen of Boston Celtics hit a 3-point shot and drove his team to victory, 87-85.

After Allen shot the 3-pointer, Knicks hurriedly went down their side of the court to claim what they lost. Carmelo Anthony, however, missed his supposed game-winning 3 point shot. Anthony is the superstar Knicks got after a trade in February.

The Knicks had a strong start in the first game of the Eastern Conference playoffs. They even had a 12-point lead over Celtics at one point during the game. Knicks dominated the Celtics; Amar’e Stoudemire was even able to carve through the usually solid defense techniques of the Celtics. However, Allen’s 3-point shot did wonders for his team.

The last few minutes of the game kept viewers at the edge of their seats. With 37.8 seconds left on the clock, Toney Douglas hit a 3-pointer placing them on a 3-point lead over Celtics at 85-82. Rajon Rondo, Celtics point guard, inbounded an alley-oop to Garnett for a dunk which made them only one point away from a tied score with Knicks. Allen led the team with a 3-point shoot with only 11 minutes left.

With no remaining timeouts, Anthony tried to redeem their team but missed what could have been their winning shot.

Knicks’ coach D’Antoni said that they will make big plays during the rest of the playoffs. Anthony also said that the team did great on most parts of the game so he is still excited about the series.

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Obama Announced Himself as a Candidate for 2012 Re-election

President Barack Obama announced himself as a candidate for the next year’s re-election through video and mail sent to his supporters on Monday. He hopes economic recovery will increase his chances for a new term.

The announcement sets the plan to gather about $1 billion donations, which would break off the campaign finance record of $750 million he had previously acquired for the 2009 elections.

Obama appears to be in a fairly good shape against his potential challengers from the Republican field. However, many believe it is early to tell yet. The U.S economy is picking its pace to recovery. Yet, there are still various instances that could affect Obama’s chances, which include increasing prices of gasoline and unexpected extension of the conflict in Libya.

Also, the high unemployment rate in the United States became a huge factor in the victory of Republican field in November. Most Americans consider this factor when they vote. But the unemployment rate decreased to 8.8 percent in the last few months.

In 2009, Obama became the first ever black president in the United States. He scored big when reforms of healthcare, as well as financial regulation laws were approved by the Congress last year.

Obama’s fate in the 2012 re-election will highly depend on how he scores with the independent voters, which were an important part of his victory in 2008.

Although President Obama tries to distance himself from actions which can be viewed as ‘politicking,’ each of his moves will be viewed now as re-election plots by the media. In his email, Obama said to his supporters that he will be filing papers to begin his re-election bid in a formal way.

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Bob Sanders Leaves Colts

Bob Sanders, the pro bowl alumni and Safety has been released from his Indianapolis Colts contract.

In 2004 Sanders was chosen by Indianapolis in the second round draft coming from the University of Iowa.

The former pro bowl alum of 2005 and 2007 has had poor luck with injury over the last few years, playing in just 9 regular season games over a 3 year period.

There is no denying that his skills helped get him in the pro bowl twice and helped get the Colts their Super Bowl XLI victory.

Sanders turns 30 on February 24 and plans to continue on in the NFL.  As a free agent, he has the ability to sign immediately with any team that may want to pick him up.

The colts had been working with Bob Sanders to get a new deal in place before the leagues new calendar, but a deal could not be reached, ultimately leading to the decision to release him.

Sanders had already collected 25 million of the 37.5 million deal that he signed with the Colts in 2007.

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