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Wade Scores 41 to Put Heat in Front of Pacers

Dwayne Wade made an outstanding performance with the most points of 31 in the first half of their game. He finished with a total of 41 points to help Miami Heat beat Indiana Pacers to a score of 110-103 last Tuesday night.

The point guard also made 12 rebounds for Miami, who just leaped back from a defeat last Sunday against Boston. LeBron James made 27 points overall, 10 points of which were scored in the fourth quarter. Chris Bosh scored additional 22 points, including eight rebounds.

For the Pacers, Roy Hibbert made 18 points while Tyler Hansbrough scored additional 16 points for the team. Indiana Pacers, under the short-term coach Frank Vogel, won seven out of nine games. Their losses came from their two fights against Miami Heat.

The first half was actually led by Miami with 24 points. They lost their lead, but retrieved it for good in the last quarter. With only six minutes left to play, James made a dunk to give Miami a 2-point lead. He threw a basket close to Hibbert, but scored when it tipped in to bring Miami’s lead further to 99-94. Then, the rest of the game was led by Miami.

Wade ended the first quarter with 22 points. It was the most points he scored in a quarter this season. Also, Miami made 41 points at the end of the period. It was the highest points Heat have managed to finish in a quarter, as well as the largest point differential the team have achieved in a quarter this season.

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First Android Tablet from Motorola to Retail for $800

Motorola’s Xoom, a tablet running under the much-awaited Android Honeycomb will be sold at $800, according to information disclosed from an unknown Verizon employee.

According to a report from Mashable, Xoom is unique for many reasons. First, it is one of the first Verizon 4G LTE devices, along with the Droid Bionic and other lists of smartphones.

Second, it is one of the first tablets that will be running Honeycomb, an Android 3.0 version. Honeycomb is the tablet-specific fork of the Android mobile operating system. While there are Android tablets currently running in versions 1.6 and 2.2 Froyo, the Honeycomb is the first operating system that is intentionally created for the tablet form factor.

Apart from its new OS, Xoom consists of dynamic features such as a 1080p screen resolution, and DMI output and an accelerometer. It has a front and rear cameras with 2 and 5 megapixels, respectively.

Motorola said the device offers console-like gaming performance with its 1280×800 display. It also features a built-in gyroscope, e-compass and adaptive lighting for new kinds of applications.

The tablet also displays Google Maps 5.0 with three-dimensional interaction. It can also get access to more than 3 million Google eBooks, as well as thousands of applications from the Android Market.

The first 3G and Wi-fi enabled Xoom units will be available around the end of the first quarter this year, according to new reports from Android Central. In addition, they said the minimum advertised price for each unit will start at $800, which is a large price tag in comparison to other gadget selections available in the market.

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Total CEO Says Oil Prices are Escalating Too High and Too Fast

Worldwide oil prices have rapidly increased by towering amounts but the rise in OPEC output will not stop this number from growing.  The ascend is determined by demand, the chief executive of French oil major Total said on Sunday.

Christophe de Margerie, durring an energy conference in Abu Dhabi, capital of UAE, said that the world is just recovering, it would have been better if the prices would not go too high and too quickly.

He said that oil market has been confident because there is growing demand in emerging markets, and the demand is higher than expected.

Brent crude increased above $99 a barrel on Friday in New York, achieving 5.73 percent on the week.  US crude oil for February delivery increased 14 cents to patch up at $91.45 per barrel.

Last week, a Reuters poll showed U.S crude oil is anticipated to reach $100 a barrel in the first quarter of the year. However, a new record of more than $147 is less possible.

When asked if OPEC should increase their production, de Margerie answered it may not help hold back the elevating prices.

He explained that it is difficult because there is no shortage in oil and the increase in oil prices today are driven by the market. In addition, he mentioned that high oil prices which are too high would not be well received by consumers.

Iran’s oil minister Masoud Mir Kazemi said on Sunday that there are no OPEC countries that have requested an emergency meeting to confer the increasing price of crude. He also called the $100 oil as a real price and that it was not a matter of concern for the producers.

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