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Mega Millions Jackpot Hits $304 Million

After the Tuesday night’s drawing, the Mega Millions jackpot soared to $304 million with a cash prize of $193.6 million and a 4.04 percent yield.

The winning numbers for the Mega Millions draw on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 were 1, 14, 35, 50 and 53. The Mega Ball number was 43 and the Megaplier number was 4. However, no players any where the country matched all six numbers to win the March 22 jackpot.

Last Friday, the Mega Millions jackpot was up to $244 million after 13 successive drawings without a winner.

The jackpot has been escalating since February 4 when the $12 million jackpot went unclaimed. On February 1, a group of Michigan workers and a Northwestern Indiana family divided the $93 million jackpot.

Previously, newyerseynewsroom.com said each lottery ticket has a 1 in 172 million chance to win the jackpot.

Although there was no lucky winner for the Tuesday jackpot, 26 players were able to match the first five numbers equivalent to a $250,000 prize. There were 9 winners from New York, 5 winners from California, and 2 winners from Georgia, Michigan and Texas. Also, there was 1 winner each from Arizona, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska and Pennsylvania.

The five winners from California will get $297,525 because awards in the state are given in a pari-mutuel formula. It calculates the prize based on the number of lottery tickets sold, as well as the number of winners in each category.

Even though the jackpot prize is not the largest in the history of Mega Millions, it will surely drive people to try their luck. The jackpot is one of the largest lottery prizes recently.

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Wade Scores 41 to Put Heat in Front of Pacers

Dwayne Wade made an outstanding performance with the most points of 31 in the first half of their game. He finished with a total of 41 points to help Miami Heat beat Indiana Pacers to a score of 110-103 last Tuesday night.

The point guard also made 12 rebounds for Miami, who just leaped back from a defeat last Sunday against Boston. LeBron James made 27 points overall, 10 points of which were scored in the fourth quarter. Chris Bosh scored additional 22 points, including eight rebounds.

For the Pacers, Roy Hibbert made 18 points while Tyler Hansbrough scored additional 16 points for the team. Indiana Pacers, under the short-term coach Frank Vogel, won seven out of nine games. Their losses came from their two fights against Miami Heat.

The first half was actually led by Miami with 24 points. They lost their lead, but retrieved it for good in the last quarter. With only six minutes left to play, James made a dunk to give Miami a 2-point lead. He threw a basket close to Hibbert, but scored when it tipped in to bring Miami’s lead further to 99-94. Then, the rest of the game was led by Miami.

Wade ended the first quarter with 22 points. It was the most points he scored in a quarter this season. Also, Miami made 41 points at the end of the period. It was the highest points Heat have managed to finish in a quarter, as well as the largest point differential the team have achieved in a quarter this season.

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Fox Television Transfers “American Idol” to Wednesday Slot

The Fox television network revealed a midseason overhaul to its primetime lists of shows, as well as the big shift for the number 1 rated singing competition, American Idol, on Friday.

American Idol has 2 weekly shows at Fox Television. The first part has been aired every Tuesday, while the second part has been showed one day after. However, the shift gives way for the television company to launch a new set of Tuesday night comedies headed by its musical show, “Glee.”

Glee is a story of young adults involved in a high school singing organization. According to Fox television, the show will now be aired every Tuesday, followed by a sitcom “Raising Hope” and a new relationship comedy show, “Mixed Signals.”

American Idol also takes part on this big change as they reveal their new judges Jennifer Lopez, as well as Steven Tyler. They will debut on Wednesday, January 19. The second night wherein the contestants will be eventually eliminated will be aired on Thursday.

Fox is also planning to launch a new animated comedy show, “Bob’s Burgers,” which includes a story of a man, his family and their burger restaurant. The show will start on January 9, Sunday even though Fox is prevented to air animated shows that include “The Simpsons.”

Other great programs that Fox will bring this month of January and February include a police drama, “The Chicago Code,” and another comedy show, “Breaking In.” This will take part on the middle point of 2010-2011 U.S TV season.

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