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CBS and Warner Bros. End Season Production of Sheen’s TV Sitcom

CBS and Warner Bros. decided to end the production of Charlie Sheen’s high-rated TV sitcom “Two and a Half Men” this season. The decision was reached in the stir of a provocative radio interview with the male actor.

The companies gave a joint statement on Thursday saying they concluded based on Charlie Sheen’s conduct, statements and condition as a whole. But, it did not mention any future plans concerning the show.

The production of the TV Show was previously suspended in January to give time for Sheen’s rehabilitation. Earlier Thursday, Sheen and Warner’s publicist Stan Rosenfield said the sitcom will continue taping with the actor next week.

However, that was before Charlie Sheen spoke, often, with hurtful words during his interview with radio host Alex Jones. In the interview, the 45-year-old actor ridiculed Chuck Lorre, the producer of “Two and a Half Men.” He also targeted other people, including the help-group Alcoholics Anonymous.

The sudden decision to stop making additional episodes on the profitable TV series came after the lead actor’s increasingly erratic behavior. This included the earlier interview where he claimed he had asked to go back to work but was prohibited by producers.

He frequently brought up violent ideas and images in his radio interview with Alex Jones. Also, he mocked Lorre in an attack that suggests anti-Semitism. Lorre is a veteran producer. His hits include “Cybill,” “Dharma & Greg,” as well as “The Big Bang Theory.”

Sheen’s divorce petition against ex-wife Brooke Mueller was recently approved by a Los Angeles judge. However, they are not officially separated until May 2.

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Fox Television Transfers “American Idol” to Wednesday Slot

The Fox television network revealed a midseason overhaul to its primetime lists of shows, as well as the big shift for the number 1 rated singing competition, American Idol, on Friday.

American Idol has 2 weekly shows at Fox Television. The first part has been aired every Tuesday, while the second part has been showed one day after. However, the shift gives way for the television company to launch a new set of Tuesday night comedies headed by its musical show, “Glee.”

Glee is a story of young adults involved in a high school singing organization. According to Fox television, the show will now be aired every Tuesday, followed by a sitcom “Raising Hope” and a new relationship comedy show, “Mixed Signals.”

American Idol also takes part on this big change as they reveal their new judges Jennifer Lopez, as well as Steven Tyler. They will debut on Wednesday, January 19. The second night wherein the contestants will be eventually eliminated will be aired on Thursday.

Fox is also planning to launch a new animated comedy show, “Bob’s Burgers,” which includes a story of a man, his family and their burger restaurant. The show will start on January 9, Sunday even though Fox is prevented to air animated shows that include “The Simpsons.”

Other great programs that Fox will bring this month of January and February include a police drama, “The Chicago Code,” and another comedy show, “Breaking In.” This will take part on the middle point of 2010-2011 U.S TV season.

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