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Franco, Hathaway Talk about Hosting Academy Awards

For the first time, Anne Hathaway and James Franco will host the Academy Awards. However, neither star showed any signs of nervousness during their TV interview last Thursday.

Hathaway, only 28-years old, is the youngest to ever host the prestigious award ceremony. The 32-year old Franco is also up for his first Oscar nomination for his lead role in the movie “127 Hours.”

Yet, with the ceremony just a few days away, they appeared completely at ease. They were joking around, spilling some show rumors and even creating others. Franco even quipped they we’re dating.

The two actors were taking a break from the rehearsals last Thursday when they had a three-minute round of back-to-back interviews. They refused to tell anything particular about what they will do on the show. But, they did share a few secrets.

According to the actors, the writer of the show gave them a celebrity nickname called ‘Francaway.’ Hathaway, who was asked who she will root for the Oscar night, said hosts are not allowed to have favorites.

Although they had never worked together before, both actors said they have immediate chemistry. Hathaway also mentioned that her co-host inspires her, which makes her think what it actually means to be an artist. Franco then, is not worried about the pressure on the big show.

Hathaway and Franco are both excited to get the chance to host at the Academy Awards, which will be held at the Kodak Theatre on Sunday. The event will be broadcast on ABC network.

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Stars Fill Kodak Theatre for Oscar’s Music Rehearsals

The Kodak Theatre was filled with stars Saturday when Celine Dion, Mandy Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow and several other musicians go through the acts they will perform live at the Academy Awards on Sunday.

Moore is playing the nominated song “I See the Light” from Disney movies’ “Tangled” with Zachary Levi while composer Alan Menken, who is an Oscar winner of eight-times, is backing them up on the piano.

Showing her melodic side, Paltrow is singing “Coming Home” from her latest film “Country Song.” Another Oscar-winner composer A.R. Rahman, as well as rocker Florence Welch performed a lingering rendition of the song “If I Rise” from the movie “127 Hours.”

Singer Dion performed “Smile” while the In Memoriam package was shown on the screen located above her. However, a group of energetic 10-year-olds snatched the stage from all of those stars.

Sixty-four fifth graders arrived at the Kodak Theatre Friday wearing blue or green shirts. They composed the New York’s Public School 22 choir and will perform the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” at the Academy Awards. They flew from Staten Island early that morning, and for most of them, that was their first plane trip.

Their shirts identify which of them is soprano or alto. They packed Kodak Theatre with elementary-kids enthusiasm. Then, they rehearsed onto the Oscar stage with so much conviction. They even stunned their Hollywood-veteran audiences.

When rehearsing, the kids were guided by Gregg Breinberg, who is their teacher, as well as the stage managers. When they sing, they certainly know what they are doing.

After a while, the kids were surprised by hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway when they appeared on stage. The artists high-fived and hugged them, and posed for a picture.

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