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Friendly Robot Aids Children Diagnosed with Autism

Eden Sawczenzko, diagnosed with a mental condition, autism, has never held hands with another child nor hugged other people. Today, the child is remarkably improved after her sessions with the child-friendly robot invented by researchers in London.

Kaspar is a human-looking robot created as the size of a child. It is designed to help autistic children interact socially. Once a week, Kaspar is brought to a pre-school for autistic children where the little girl Sawczenko goes it Stevenage, north of London.

Researchers allow the children to play with the robot. They are supervised by a scientist who monitors and controls the robot. The children, with mild to severe autism, are given 10 minutes each to interact with the remote-controlled robot.

Sawczenko has started playing with Kaspar this year. After several 10-minute sessions with Kaspar, the little girl now hugs everyone. It was found that her social skills have remarkably improved.

Kaspar teaches children about emotions, as well as physical contact. It is programmed to do interactive human actions such as blink, frown, laugh, and smile. He can also wave his arms.

According to the researchers, Kaspar has several versions. These include a pro-version, which is advanced enough for it to be able to play Nintendo Wii.

The shaggy-haired robot wears polo and shorts, striped red socks, and a baseball cap. A few wires can be observed protruding over his neck.

However, the robot is still in its experimental stage. Researchers are hoping they can generate several of him one of these days. So far, Kaspar has already helped 300 autistic children. He is available at the University of Hertfordshire at an estimated amount of $2,118 or $1,300 pounds.

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Victoria Beckham Pregnant on her Fourth Child with David Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham are delighted to confirm that they are expecting their fourth baby together this summer, their spokeswoman Jo Milloy said in a statement on Saturday.

David, a soccer star and her wife, Victoria, a fashion designer, already have three sons, Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and Cruz, 5. All three of them are very excited to see their new brother or sister, Milloy said.

David and Victoria met in the 1990s when Victoria was still part of the hugely popular Spice Girls band as Posh Spice. Back then, the glamour couple were called ‘Posh and Becks’ and they got married July 1999, few months after their first child was born.

It was never made a secret that David, now 35 years-old and Victoria, 36 years-old, would like to have more children. Currently with three sons, the two said they were eager to have a baby girl.

David said last year that he really wants more kids and hopes that it happens soon. He wants a little girl and that would be amazing.

On the other hand, Victoria previously said that she would love to have a little girl if she would be blessed to have another child. She even said that she would love to dress up a little girl because she is really girly.

Apart from that, Milloy informed that there were no further details released regarding Victoria’s pregnancy.

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