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Sony Website Hit with Another Hacker Attack

Sony seems to be in for a real treat from internet savvy hackers as they receive another attack in their security system.

After the lock down and overhaul of the company’s online services following a hacker attack that left personal and credit card information of at least 100 million people in jeopardy, Sony is yet again under attack. Both the Sony homepage and their Japanese internet service department have been victimized.

Based on a warning from a major security firm, F-Secure, Sony’s website in Thailand was attacked by hackers and was used to trick visitors in to giving up their personal information to a non-existing Italian credit card company. The company has been notified of the fraudulent and unauthorized activities and they are currently taking action to solve and undo the problem.

Sony, however, faces a bigger and more serious problem in Japan. The company’s So-Net internet security system was reported to have been breached. The hackers reportedly took 100,000 Yen or around $1,200 of funds from account holders. The breach is now under thorough investigation but Sony already reported that they found no evidence that account holders’ personal information have been obtained by the hackers.

Investigators do not see tell-tale signs that the hackers from this attack are linked to the breach that affected the Sony Online Entertainment and PlayStation Network. The former just got back online Friday after a month’s worth of shutdown for a major system overhaul.

Sony is definitely under scrutiny as their customers begin to question their security system and whether or not they should continue giving the company their personal and credit card information.

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Cocaine-Filled Small Plane Crashed in New Mexico

A small plane filled with bundles upon bundles of cocaine crashed on Sunday in a lake in New Mexico. The police said that everyone on board was killed in the incident.

Lieutenant Eric Garcia said that they do not know the exact number of people inside the aircraft when it crashed. However, they saw no signs of survival when the accident occurred.

He also said that they closed down all access to the Heron Lake after the accident occurred since bundles of cocaine started floating on the surface.

The state police responded immediately after they received reports from the fishermen in the area. They sent a boat and a team of divers to nose-dive into the lake. Garcia said that the plane was submerged in the waters. The accident took place at around 11 in the morning, local time.

The witnesses said they did not notice how it happened. The fishermen said that they only saw the plane while it was already sinking into the lake.

The Albuquerque National Weather Service said that reported wind gust and thunderstorms in the area occurred at about the same time the crash took place.

The accident is being investigated by the Texas Federal Aviation Administration in Forth Worth. But, they offered no further information about the accident.

The Heron Lake State Park is located over the edge of a reservoir and is around a hundred miles north of Santa Fe. Police say the situation is now under control after the 3-mile wide and 4-mile long access to Heron Lake was shut down.

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