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Sony Website Hit with Another Hacker Attack

Sony seems to be in for a real treat from internet savvy hackers as they receive another attack in their security system.

After the lock down and overhaul of the company’s online services following a hacker attack that left personal and credit card information of at least 100 million people in jeopardy, Sony is yet again under attack. Both the Sony homepage and their Japanese internet service department have been victimized.

Based on a warning from a major security firm, F-Secure, Sony’s website in Thailand was attacked by hackers and was used to trick visitors in to giving up their personal information to a non-existing Italian credit card company. The company has been notified of the fraudulent and unauthorized activities and they are currently taking action to solve and undo the problem.

Sony, however, faces a bigger and more serious problem in Japan. The company’s So-Net internet security system was reported to have been breached. The hackers reportedly took 100,000 Yen or around $1,200 of funds from account holders. The breach is now under thorough investigation but Sony already reported that they found no evidence that account holders’ personal information have been obtained by the hackers.

Investigators do not see tell-tale signs that the hackers from this attack are linked to the breach that affected the Sony Online Entertainment and PlayStation Network. The former just got back online Friday after a month’s worth of shutdown for a major system overhaul.

Sony is definitely under scrutiny as their customers begin to question their security system and whether or not they should continue giving the company their personal and credit card information.

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Sony Defends Themselves in the Issue of Hacker Breach

Chief Executive Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony Corporation, was not a least bit apologetic regarding Sony’s delay in informing their at least 100 million customers in the hacker breach they faced a few weeks ago. The information of the customers in the company’s PlayStation Network were stolen by a hacker or several hackers April this year.

As a complete contradiction to the apologetic tone of the company half a month ago, when Kazuo Hirai and the rest of the senior executives bowed in apology in Tokyo; Stringer fired back on Sony’s critics who claim that the company did not act timely in notifying their customers once they found out about the hacker attack.

Stringer told the press on Tuesday that it was an unprecedented situation. He added that most of the information and security breaches are unreported by many companies; and 43% of those that do, notify within as long as a month. He said that Sony announced the breach in a week. He even challenged the critics who say his one week is too long.

Lawmakers and a some state attorneys general have started an investigation regarding the hacker attack and the possibility of identity and credit card theft.

The hacker attack is said to be the biggest in the history of the Internet. It even prompted Sony to shut down the PlayStation Network and all other related services for nearly a month.

This attack allegedly stems from a case issued by Sony to a famous hacker George Hotz. The company sued Hotz this year for copyright infringement. Hotz is known for unlocking Apple’s iPhone. Hotz, however, denies the allegations in his blog saying he is not involved in the break-in.

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