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Court Said Police Warrantless Search in a Marijuana Joint Legal

On Monday, the Supreme Court took the police officers’ side after arresting a Kentucky man without a warrant. The police apparently busted in to the man’s apartment after smelling marijuana. Fearing that the man might be getting rid of the evidence, police officers entered Hollis King’s apartment even without a warrant.

The Supreme Court ruled against Hollis King’s claims that his arrest – and all the pieces of evidence collected thereafter – is unconstitutional. In an 8-1 vote, the ruling of a Kentucky Supreme Court was reversed by the justices. The court said that King’s rights were in no way violated and that the police officers acted as they should. Only one of the justices, Justice Ruth Ginsburg, was in favor of King.

Justice Samuel Alito admitted that everyone has the right not to answer a knock on the door, let alone allow the police come in your home. In similar cases, police officers are required by the law to secure a warrant from the court. Alito, however, pointed out that it is an entirely different story for people who choose to destroy evidence.

Binsburg insisted that the other Justices gave police officers an excuse to regularly avoid securing warrants during drug cases. She added that from now on police officers are confident to knock on doors and break them down even though they have enough time to get a warrant.

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Legality of the Death of Bin Laden Questioned

The legality of how Bin Laden was killed during the attack – code name: Geronimo – is now under question as he was shot at and killed while unarmed. Bin Laden’s death also diverted attention to the long-standing question about anti-terrorism being under military or law-enforcement campaign.

During wars, enemies who do not explicitly surrender, regardless if armed or not, are taken as legitimate targets. Therefore, international experts said that under the military context, the killing of Bin Laden is legal under the scenarios detailed by the White House on Wednesday – saying that Bin Laden was unarmed but refused and resisted capture.

In direct contrast, human rights laws say that the police must practice the greatest possible restraints and efforts to capture any suspect alive, barring only direct risks to the lives of civilians and police officers. The senior counsel of the Terrorism and Counterterrorism Program of the Human Rights Watch Andrea Prasow said that we have a higher obligation to make sure that lethal force is not used.

Prasow said that they do not have enough detailed accounts of what happened so it is too early to tell if Bin Laden’s killing is lawful or not. They are still looking forward for the White House to release more information about what really transpired during the attack.

The White House stands by the legality of the operation and emphasized on Wednesday that Osama’s killing by a Navy SEAL team was a legitimate operation. US Attorney General Eric Holder said that the killing can be justified as a “national self-defence.”

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Three Children Who Drowned With Their Mother Buried

Three tiny white caskets were buried on Monday. The caskets carry the three children who drowned with their mother after she deliberately drove their minivan into the Hudson River. The children were buried miles away from where their mother’s grave.

The funeral was intense and heated as members of the two sides of the family argued and shouted at each other. In the end, the hearse drove to Gethsemane Cemetery (6 miles away from where the children’s mother, Lashondra Armstrong, was buried) following the father’s orders.

Armstrong, 25, committed suicide by drowning herself along with her children Laianna, 11 months old, Lance, 2, and Landen, 5. Armstrong and the father of the kids, Jean Pierre, had an argument prior to the incident, said Newburgh police. La’Shaun, 10, Armstrong’s eldest son from a different man was also inside the minivan when she drove it into the river but he managed to escape after climbing out of a window.

The family of Armstrong originally arranged for the mother and the children be interred together but Jean Pierre did not agree. His lawyers said that it seems inappropriate considering that it was their mother who killed the children.

Gwendolen Green, Armstrong’s family member, said that they were hugely banned from attending the ceremonies. Guests can only go through if they are in the “list” Jean Pierre’s side of the family arranged for the ceremonies. The situation was intense after family members filed outside the funeral home while police officers stood guard. Shouting from the outside was heard the entire time the ceremony was taking place.

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A Dozen Children Killed in School Shooting

In Rio de Janeiro, a gunman wandered the hallways of an elementary school on Thursday and murdered a dozen children. It is reported that he lined up all 12 children and shot them point-blank in the head while shouting that he will kill them all.

It is by far the worst school shooting in Brazil. Reports say that it would have been more fatal and more bloodshed if the gunman was not shot in the legs by one of the police officers in the area. The gunman then fell down a flight of stairs and shot himself straight in the head.

A YouTube video circulated showing children running wild inside the school while desperately screaming for help. Many of those children wore blood-soaked uniforms.

The Secretariat of Health and Civil Defense of Rio de Janeiro said that about a dozen other students were injured and two of them are in grave condition.  Officials later announced that a total of 18 children were injured by gunfire. Those who were killed by the incident were between ages 12 to 15.

Andreia Machado, mother of 13-year old Thayne who was shot three times, was crying when she said that she is not certain if her daughter will be able to walk again after her spine was hit and caused her to lose sensation on her legs. Thayne told her mother before she went to the operating room that the gunman just came in shooting.

The gunman was reported to be Wellington Oliveria, 23. No clear motive was discovered but reports said that Oliverio seemed to be infected with AIDS and wanted to kill himself. Why he took down all those children with him, remains to be a puzzle.

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