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Prince Harry Hosts Royal Wedding Breakfast for Party Survivors

Prince Harry is expected to host a post-royal wedding breakfast at the Buckingham Palace on Saturday. The meal, which will feed the tired and all-night party guests, will be served at 6 in the morning.

Prince William’s younger brother and best man, Prince Harry, is also taking the extra role of a party planner as he organizes the wedding’s evening reception, a private party for around 300 guests, which consists of the bride and groom’s closest friends and family.

According to reports, Prince Harry wanted to make an evening post-royal wedding that his brother and his new sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, will never forget.

The royal brother’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, will leave the Buckingham Palace for the younger generation’s wedding reception party. They will stay at the Windsor Castle.

It appears that Prince William and Kate Middleton will have two Royal Breakfasts after the wedding.

The Queen will also host a Royal Breakfast for the newly-weds in their honor. This will be served right after the wedding ceremony on Friday at Westminster Abbey while Prince Harry’s royal wedding breakfast will be served in the morning, and it will signal the end of the celebration.

Prince Harry has asked a DJ to play in the early hours of the party. Thus, guests who will stay up all night will be served with a royal wedding breakfast. According to ABC News, Prince Harry ordered the caterers to serve bacon sandwiches, as well as “fry-ups” for the guests.

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Six Exes to Join the Royal Wedding

All eyes are on Britain’s royal family nowadays with the royal wedding coming to a close. Prince Harry is as in to the wedding preparation as the groom-to-be is. Prince Harry just got back from a charity trek of 200 miles in the Arctic. However, he had enough time to throw his brother a very successful stag party.

Reports say that the young prince did not only plan the party, he also participated in the wedding reception organization at the Buckingham Palace. A palace aide confirmed that Prince Harry decided on the playlist, the DJ, food ideas, and also the cocktail menu. The reception is divided in to two and the second half is dedicated for the younger crowd. Prince Harry basically took care of everything in this area, living the wedding planner with practically nothing to worry about.

While everything is almost all set, sources said that the wedding cake is already in the palace, a list of attendees was leaked. The list includes six shocking personalities – exes of both Prince William and Kate Middleton. The wedding will allegedly be graced by Kate’s ex-boyfriend Rupert Finch and Willem Marx. On the other hand, William also invited his exes Arabella Musgrave, Rose Farquhar, Jecca Craig, and Anstruther-Gough-Galthorpe.

This report is not yet confirmed but three palace sources have already confirmed this. However the wedding will take place, one thing is for sure, Harry’s on-and-off girlfriend Chelsy Davy is in the guest list. One of Harry’s friends said that Chelsy will definitely be there; being the most important girl in Harry’s life.

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Prince William’s Wedding Cake is Made of Cookies

Prince Williams Wedding CakePrince William and fiancée Kate Middleton have lined up a very traditional royal wedding, except for their wedding cake which is inspired by an all-American celebration. Prince William, who is known for having a knack for sweets, requested a groom’s cake (a tradition in the southern part of the United States) made of chocolate and cookies.

The groom’s cake will be served along with the classic wedding fruit cake. Prince William’s cake will be prepared by British cookie masters McVitie’s. Sources said that they will use a recipe coming straight from the royal kitchen. Paul Courtney, head chef of McVitie’s, said that the cake will be made up of 1,700 Rich Tea cookies, and 17 kilos of chocolate. He further said that that the cookies will be covered by beautiful chocolate decorations.

On the other side, wife-to-be Kate Middleton will look over the details of their official wedding cake – traditional fruit cake. World-renowned cake designer Fiona Cairns will make the gigantic multi-tiered cake with white floral and cream decorations.

Cairns said that Middleton contributed ideas on how she wants her wedding cake to look. Traditional with a modern hint as Cairns would describe it. Kate personally requested the handmade decorations that reflect the Buckingham Palace. The overall theme of the cake, however, is floral and each flower has a special meaning.

10 people are currently working on the huge multi-tiered cake with handmade decorations. They simply had to make sure that it is more than enough to cater for the couple’s long list of guests.

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McQueen Designer for Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress?

A leading newspaper in Britain reported Sunday that Kate Middleton has chosen Sarah Burton of McQueen fashion house to design her most-talked about royal wedding dress.

The Sunday Times said in its online edition that Burton, who is the creative director of McQueen fashion house, accepted the request of Middleton to help her design her wedding dress.

However, the 36-year-old British designer denied the claim that she has been given the most coveted task in the fashion industry.

The report said the dress would be a combination of Burton’s extensive knowledge of high fashion, as well as Middleton’s ideas on the design.

The paper did not reveal their sources. However, it suggests the details had reached them after Jonathan Akeroyd, McQueen’s chief executive, informed a work colleague that they have received the commission. Akeroyd, later on, denied that they will be involved in the royal event.

A publicist for McQueen house declined the report in an email to an online publication. It said the story is untrue.

Two weeks ago, chief executive of British Fashion Council, Caroline Rush said that whoever had been given the coveted task would be adjoined by the rules of the agreement to keep their role undisclosed in any way possible until Middletown walks down the aisle.

Kate Middleton, 29, is the fiancée of Prince William of Wales. They will get married before the 1,900 invited guests and a worldwide television audience.

Buckingham Palace refused to comment on the speculations. It added that it would not disclose the name of the designer until the day of the royal wedding on April 29.

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