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China Regulates Smoking in TV Shows and Films

The administration of China instructs makers of TV shows and films to regulate the extent of smoking shown on-screen. This is an effort pushed by the government to control the use of tobacco in the country considered as one of the world’s biggest cigarette consumers.

The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television posted the announcement on their website last Tuesday. It directs producers to lessen the plots that involve tobacco or scenes that show someone smoking.

According to the given directives, they can use tobacco or depict scenes of people smoking only when needed such as for the purpose of art or character development.

Individuals under 18-years old are not allowed to be presented on screen while smoking or purchasing tobacco. In addition, other characters in the film or TV show are not allowed to smoke in public places or buildings where cigarettes are strictly prohibited.

Actors, directors, and producers are highly discouraged from using tobacco and other forms of smoke when creating films, TV ads and commercials. The government of China has put forth serious efforts to regulate and limit the use of cigarettes.

Over the past years, China had been controlling the use of tobacco in their country. They are banning advertisements on tobacco, as well as prohibiting cigarette companies from sponsoring major sporting events in the country.

In China, smoking adults make up 30 percent of the population. This means there are roughly 300 million people in the country who are smoking. Smoking is also a major contributor to the million deaths in China every year.

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PocketBook e-Readers get More Popular to Holiday Shoppers

This year, many book lovers are proposed to become e-readers of their favorite books on the list. The National Retail Federation reports more than 47 percent of holiday shoppers plan to purchase books for their Christmas list and several might turn to e-readers.

Instead of buying new releases, shoppers may get the PocketBook e-reader edition, which generates more savings according to Leon Sheiman, the marketing and sales manager for PocketBook-USA.

In fact, their PocketBook items come with entrance to a library where more than 250,000 books can be downloaded for free.

The PocketBook is available in three different models, which includes the PocketBook Pro 602, Pro 902, as well as the PocketBook IQ. They sell more than 50,000 units per month around the world.

The PocketBook 602 and 902 are similar models with slight differences in the screen size and battery. The IQ model, on the other hand, offers variety of features that include seven-inch color TFT touch screen with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.

PocketBook e-readers will be available to several shoppers at various online stores, as well as some retail shops in the mall nationwide. The products are competitively priced without sacrificing the quality.

Founded in 2007, the PocketBook aims to develop ideal electronic reading device that will fulfil all of the user’s desires. The device is now the best selling e-reader in Eastern Europe while it ranks third in Western Europe.

The PocketBook is now considered as one of the top five producers of electronic reading devices in the world.

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